R44 (Dr. Reckeweg)

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Crataegus D1, Laurocerasus D3, Oleander D3, Spartium scoparium D2.


Weakness of the conduction and hypotony. Exhaustion of the heart and lassitude ensue.

[edit] DOSAGE

  • As prolonged cure: 3 times daily 10-15-20 drops in some water before or after meals.
  • In acute cases every 1-2 hours 10-15 drops.

[edit] REMARKS

  • In case of recurring pains and intermittence of circulatory weakness, 10-15 drops every 5-10 minutes, possibly undiluted or in a little warm water..
  • Sleep must be regularized; this is especially imperative with young mothers weakened after childbirth.
  • Complementary remedies: R31 (Dr. Reckeweg) and R2 (Dr. Reckeweg).


Dr. Reckeweg
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